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Tumihub is a fast-growing blogging, online academy, mentorship, and career commanding agency on a mission to live well and help others live well. The great burden in our hearts is to discover how can we help youths start or establish careers in whatever it is they have passion for until they become an authority in that field With our blog content, we attract youths that are career-minded and teach them through various channels.If they (these youths) have several skills, we show them how to be a master of all. This to us is called Career seamlessly.

Our greatest joy is that they look back five(5) years later and see how well they have improved in various aspects of their career.Also, our online academy, mentorship, and career community is the support system that provides exclusive resources to cater to every member.


By this, we mean that you will get to:

L – Learn

E – Earn

A – Articulate

N – Network


We major in content creation that will help you to focus on the right things. In fact, we provide free bi-monthly training for as many as possible in different fields like graphic design, web design, sales, entrepreneurship, personal development, and so on. Entrepreneurs, students, employees, and leaders do better with us.

  • EARN

We are willing to do anything possible to make our members do well monetarily. One of the ways we go about this is that we provide free advert placement twice a week on our WhatsApp status for business owners. Business opportunities and intelligence are not also far from us. Let’s keep the other secret of the earnings until you join us. The only hint we have for you is that we are about to start partnership deals, investments, or/and affiliate with our members!!!


We want to hear you speak. We want to hear what you have to say without even judging you. For this reason, we provide a platform and discussions that allow you to express yourself in the best way you want to – we don’t condemn.


Lastly is the Network. This is the most important because having to connect with great minds at Tumihub is one of the best investments you can ever come across. We want to help you connect with like minds using a conducive medium – our platforms, opportunities, and training.

Our Promise

We promise to give you and every youth (including those called dullards) a reason to be brilliant, smart, and useful.


Result Oriented Mentorship, ROM is a Sub-brand of Tumihub which gives you exclusive access to our online courses, e-books, and membership platform.

Visit www.store.tumihub.com today

Our platforms

Our major presence is online for now but our dream is to establish an offline city with a system and structure to breed career serious minds more than what silicon valley has done. But till then, our WhatsApp community will serve this purpose. Join us today at +2349051911988

Our platforms

Our major presence is online for now but our dream is to establish an offline city with a system and structure to breed career serious minds more than what silicon valley has done. But till then, our WhatsApp community will serve this purpose. Join us today at +2349051911988

Tumihub is breeding career serious, career seamless, and career sexy youths.

Definition of terms

  •  Career seriousness: this is a course of action, decisions, attitude, persistence, and earnestness a person gives to learning, work, and other aspects of life.

In other words, it is the degree of priority and intentionality a person gives to his/her now and future towards their pursuit of a good life and legacy

  •  Career seamlessness: this is the state of flow of a person through different stages of life and also through more than one passion/talent/interest.

This is also the learning curve and map of a person on a career serious journey

  • Career sexiness: this is the attractiveness and attention a person breathes as a result of his/her career seriousness – consciously and unconsciously.

In other words, it is the perception people create about a career serious person.

Tumihub History

Quadri Micheal (A.K.A OMAA) founded Tumi on September 26th, 2016.

It all started because he was enjoying the writing skills he discovered a few months before then. At the birth of Tumi, he was on a one-year industrial training exploring the practical journey of his course of study – Building Technology. His first motive for Tumi was just to send motivational messages to friends and family through WhatsApp and other social handles.

He started with a female friend named Olamide who has always been in support of him from way back in school. They both started sending the messages as planned. OMAA and Olamide never planned to make this a community but when the two friends send out the first message, a lady requested that she wish to join them. Because of this request, they had to develop a structure for people to join.

The lady didn’t eventually join but some other people did.

Moving forward

Our vision statement states that “We don’t just want to get by; we want to live well but our foremost effort is to help others live well”

At a point, we planned to be an NGO but things changed along the way.

In 2018, OMAA discovered that some people started something called WhatsApp TV where they use their WhatsApp status to entertain people. So he called some friends together to utilize the platform too but for a better reason and not just for entertainment. They started on December 1st, 2018 with a fresh WhatsApp number. The goal was to make the platform as free as possible and they were able to gather at least 10,000 youths and still counting.

 The Rebrand

Tumi was rebranded to Tumihub because someone was already using Tumi. Also, Tumihub suits well because of all we continue to do on this journey to live well and also help others live well.

At a point, we wanted to spread our wings beyond just being an NGO into becoming a profitable business, helping others as much as we can.  So we registered our community with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC as

 ‘A media and content creation agency’

There is no limit to what we can venture into. But we are guarded by our vision statement and we won’t tamper with the free version of Tumihub – this is a promise.

Team Members

We have had over 100 Volunteers on Tumihub but these are the major team members.

  1. Quadri Michael(A.K.A OMAA): Content creation and builder
  2. Victor Benjamin (AKA Don Fischer): Crypto and financial enthusiast
  3. Adigun Oluwaferanmi (AkA Jimisewa): Content creation and communication expert
  4. Adenekan Janet: life coach and media personnel
  5. Ojuola Taiwo (AKA Topnotch): Brand designer and media personnel.

Mail at us

  Mail us at Asktumihub@gmail.com

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